Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Right Time to Write

Ok, so maybe the pun is a little silly, but throughout my life, the utopian "right time" to write just hasn't existed. Well, maybe when I was eleven years old, stuck at my parent's office after school each day, writing my mystery series starring Detective Ready (oh, to be bored again...sigh.).  But certainly not anytime recently, with university (even though I was a writing major...huh...), the teaching career, and now raising two little boys (four and two) taking the heavy load of time in my life.

The writing seed, resilient like a weed, kept trying to grow throughout my life. Too bad I am such a terrible gardener. The lovely little seedlings that managed to sprout, routinely got trampled, or pulled prematurely, or simply just neglected after they became too needy. Writing is so needy - it takes so much brain power, enveloping the writer in heavy blankets of whip quick hours, tapping on the keyboard.

In the five or so minutes I spent writing down these quick thoughts this morning, my two year old came to me crying over some offense his brother committed, our huge OUTDOOR dog Tex ran through the house with wet paws from the morning mist, being let in by the four year old intent on doing his 'chore' of putting the dog in and out of the garage, and again by the two year old demanding his juice. The sun had barely come up, and no more than half of page longhand was allowed to come through the pen to pad.

How can anything worthy or clever come out of me when the ambient input drowns out my whispering writing mind? I need volume control.

A few lines more get written on the page when my two year old finishes his juice and starts mimicing Darth Vader with the dribbles of liquid left at the bottom of the cup, and my four year old discovers daddy's hazelnut cookie stash, the ones he had been snacking on while watching t.v. after they finally went to bed. So the little boys and I take a cookie break at six a.m. - why not.

I really feel sorry for my writing seedlings - they have been living in a tough neighborhood inside of me, but maybe this tough little seed has finally had its fill of being neglected - like Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors, demanding blooood.

So when is the right time to write? There isn't one time any better than the rest - the challenges will always come around, so why not make now the right time at last?

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