Friday, April 29, 2011

Apostrophe Abuse - Something Funny to a Very Select Audience: Writers, Teachers, and Word Nerds

You know you are a Word Nerd when misplaced apostrophes tickle your funny bone. If you fit this definition, Apostrophe Abuse will brighten your day. Seriously people - some of these are just cringe worthy.

*Full Disclosure: I am a Word Nerd.


  1. Be careful with too-critical alpha readers unless you have extremely thick skin! Too much nit picking of a first draft can make an author want to chuck the whole book! A good alpha reader can bring out the good parts and help polish the rough parts...

    Thanks so much to Lindsay and Sara for being great, encouraging alpha readers.

  2. Apostrophe errors don't make me laugh... they make me cringe!!! That one with Christmas is over the top.