Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Comic Character - What is Funny?

Funny is not easy. I am at the point in my story where the 'funny guy' comes into play and I find myself stretched. I don't consider myself naturally funny. At all. How do you come up with witty retorts and comic dialogue when it doesn't come naturally? There is a fine line between funny and annoying or crass.

Also, since it is a character from another world, I know I need to be careful with any cultural references. He wouldn't be making any jokes about Charlie Sheen, obviously (not that I would ever do that anyway). So what is funny and how do you do it?

Any thoughts from my funny friends out there? I'll happily borrow your funny.


  1. Linds, I think funny depends on your own taste for comedy, but my favorite kind of funny is the snarky kind (snide+remark=snark). I like it because it's sassy, witty, and sarcastic all at the same time. xo

  2. Yes Ash - that is mine too...this guy is snarky - perfect! Now I have a more defined view of what kind of stuff I should study. You are awesome :)

  3. Hi! Do you have any friends who are snarky? Or, what makes you laugh? Like, for some reason, the comedy in Friends and Golden Girls always makes me laugh, no matter what frame of mind or age I'm at. I'd study those people/shows/circumstances. Start paying attention to when you laugh. I know that you laugh a lot when you and Ash are making weird voices together...