Friday, April 22, 2011

Distractions, Dinosaurs and Angry Birds

"Guess what mom? A bubble just came outta my nose! That was awesome!" Teo, 4 1/2 years old says, looking up from the iphone with Angry Birds music blasting from the little speaker.

"I wanna do Dino Dan on your computer," Lex, sitting on my lap reaches for the mouse, "I wanna do Dino Dan on your computer!" He reaches his dinosaur's tail to tap the keyboard. "I am falling down! I am falling down! I wanna do angry birds on your phone! I'm falling down, I'm falling down! It's my turn!" Lex, nearly 3 really wants to play Dino Dan.

This is what I am hearing while trying to type some brilliant blog post.

"Angry bird, angry bird, angry bird. I wanna do Dino Dan on your computer! Please me do Dino Dan on your computer!" Lex says before I remove him from my lap, and he starts screaming.

Every word struggles, and each one that reaches the page has to navigate through a maze of Dino Dan and the musical stylings of Angry Birds.


  1. Persevere with Dino Dan. This time with your own dino child is short, so keep working around it.

  2. Yes, I keep reminding myself of that...I think that is why I play more dinosaur games than write! I'll have plenty of time to write someday (I hope) but it is hard when the writing wants to come out of me and it has to wait. Thanks for the reminder, Susan.