Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Told my Story

A few days ago I told the guts of my entire story to my mom and grandma. It was the first time I had ever verbalized the whole thing, and caught myself saying, "Well, this is where it gets a little complicated," more times than I wanted to. It was a strange experience, almost like I had blurted out every secret I ever had over the course of the day (it took a while to tell the story, mostly in bursts between our other activities and inevitable interruptions from my little ones). Was it good enough? Had I eliminated some of the spark inside of me by getting it all out there, or was I more clear in my vision?

On Easter, I started telling my lovely cousin, Ashley, my story and this time, it came out more clearly I think. Since I cannot write for hours on end like I want too, I think verbalizing the story helps me clarify plot lines and characters. It may, also, just a little, take a bit of the magic out of me. I have decided to keep the rest of my story to myself at this point, hoping that my family will want to read it and find a few surprises when they do.

This is my first experience with taking on the challenge of writing a novel. The complexity of the process is fascinating, and overwhelming, and lovely, and gut wrenching. Frankly, I can't believe how much I love it.

I am so grateful to everyone who is supporting me in this process! Thank you!


  1. Lindsay, I think when you verblized your story it helped to firm up in your mind the plot and characters... it is really a good editing process. Like when we were in the classroom with the kids and we would have a writer's conference with them... they seemed to then complete their thought process and plug on ahead. You are right don't give it all away... I love the suspense in a story... when I know the outcome or the story is predictable I am disappointed.. I like a surprise ending.. just my thoughts on a rainy day...You know you are really inspiring me.. I have a story in my head I really need to get out... maybe today is the day... oh wait is that the sun I see out again...

  2. I felt your energy when you explained the story to me. You jumped right in and went into detail and your excitement was contagious. You really know your characters and your sounds like it's growing beautifully.
    I'm excited to read it. :)

  3. You go girl. Love love love. Ashley