Saturday, April 23, 2011

Writing Resources - Top 101 Best Websites for Writers

My wonderful friend and fellow writer, Sara McBride, did me a great favor. She gave me a gift subscription to an inspiring and helpful magazine, Writer's Digest. This month, they had an article with the 101 Best Websites for Writers, and it is incredible.

I recently opened an email account for my writing where I can get all my information and newsletters on the craft in one place. I went to the Writer's Digest page, signed up for their newsletter, and as a bonus, they sent a digital copy of their website list that is clickable.

 I totally recommend any of my writer pals to check it out - fabulous resources!

My favorite site, which also had the most recommendations for this list from readers, is Funds for Writers. The weekly newsletter written by C. Hope Clark has wonderful advice which is followed by numerous paid gigs and contests for writing.


  1. I will get a copy of Writer's Digest tomorrow. Thanks for the info.
    How is dino-child? Have him/her dictate something for you to write. Then down load a dino photo, print it out. Let him color it, and carry it around all day. Sounds good to me.

  2. Gosh, he would love that. He just got some mega dinos for Easter and sleeps with them. My older one never obsessed over stuff like this - so it is kinda fun to indulge his passion. Thanks for the suggestion!