Monday, May 9, 2011

Cats are Better for Writing, Dogs are Better for Reading

There's a pretty clear definition between cat and dog people (of course some of you out there are just animal lovers in general), but I fall into the cat fan-hood. I found this picture of Hemingway with a cat that looks like my beloved ol' Maine Coon named Tino who died a few years ago. That cat could do tricks like a dog - he was so darn smart. I just loved him so much and he was so cool, that I had to put him in my work in progress book, Dark Stardust, under the pseudonym of Carl (yes, he is named for Carl Sagan). 

There's Marley and Me (which I haven't read) about a labrador I think - that has to be the most famous animal/human story of recent years...what about cat stories? Are there any? Cat's usually aren't doing the crazy stuff people love dogs for - they kinda just hang out and act cool (or crazy depending on the cat). That doesn't add up to much of a plot, does it? Dogs make better protagonists (or foils for protagonist humans in most cases). The Call of the Wild (which I have read and loved) is a perfect example of great dog lit. 

But what better animal is there to hang out with on a rainy day, typing away at the keyboard? Sorry dog fans, but I'll have to go with Hemingway on that one - a cat and a corked bottle of wine at hand worked for him. 

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  1. I left a comment here for you last week but it didn't post for some reason. When I first saw this photo I thought it was, in fact, Tino. The resemblance is striking! Awesome photo, esp. with the wine. I always tell people if I didn't have a husband, I would have at least 10 cats. Love, A