Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inside the Mind and My Protagonist's Powers

If I could only see inside your brain!
The point of reading a book is to inhabit another person, another world, intimately and more completely than we can ever do in real life. You get to hear people's thoughts, get justification for actions, insight into wishes and dreams - stuff that usually gets kept inside the secret mind space.

The main character in my book, working title Dark Stardust, can't read minds per se, but she can see secrets - things people tuck away for no one else to see or know about. Cat sees and uses that information when she needs to as a defense or to understand another person's true intentions.

As her story gets more complicated, Cat starts to manifest new powers and abilities that she never had before. She struggles with these new abilities, but as they make her more valuable to the people around her, Cat feels uncomfortable with being a part of anything. She has been isolated her whole life and has no idea how to interact in personal relationships.

I bet she wishes a power would manifest to deal with that problem. What kind of powers would you choose if you could have your choice?

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