Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quotes and Pictures -

picture from 364 quotes

There is something about a smart little quote and an appropriate picture to got along that just satisfies the heck outta me. I found this blog 364quotes, which gives you a different quote and pic each day of the year except January 1st.It looks like the author of this blog just started to do the images, before she just presented a quote a day.  Check it out if you are a quote/picture-o-phile like me ;-)


  1. I so hate 'Jersey Shore'. I would like a fast forward button for 'Snooky' so she can see what she will look like in fifteen years. Great photo, and great quote.
    Enjoyed your post.
    p.s. I think cats are better for writing. They are so condescending, and will not disturb the writing, since there is nothing in it for them. Dogs are too noisy.

  2. I love the quote about coming alive. The world does need more people who live rather than survive.