Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's the Story - Picture Story Prompt: Elvis Presley and Sofia Loren

Let's say it together, 1,2,3...SEXY! They get my vote for two of the most beautiful people to ever share a picture frame (click on the pic for an enlarged version...go ahead, its worth it).

How did the dialogue between Elvis and Sofia go?  Of course it would have been heavily accented in southern twang and rolling Italian 'r's - but maybe they didn't even have to say much...they wouldn't need too...just look and laugh and look some more. Pretty good views either way.

Unlike my last post about the 97 year old author Lilian Jackson Braun, on how a person's writing and perspective improves with age - good looks like these don't last much more than the time it takes for the shutter to flash. These people existed in an instant of time together, so damn beautiful.

What's my point? Enjoy the now, drink it all in and live; take risks and silly, playful pictures; take continual mental notes and write about your beautiful moments- make them live on forever in print.

I don't know. I just wanted to share these beautiful people in this beautiful moment with you.

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