Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Writing Contests - Good Housekeeping Fiction Contest 2011

"With a little help from my friends..."
About a month ago,  a few of my wonderful friends and family helped me through the writing, editing, and revising process for my short story about an old widower and a young single mother called The Dreamcatcher. In the course of a week, about a hundred emails and revisions became my life, and it was one of the best weeks I've ever had.

You know why? Not only were my friends and family amazing at pointing out both the positive bits and the parts that needed strengthening, but in the short course of a few days, I had created a whole world, realistic characters, and a complete short story along side my friends and family. Though the work is mine, little bits of some of my favorite people are in there too.

In my writing life goal, here is my strategy: first, write short stories - get a few really good ones and submit the hell out of them for short story contests. Second - win said contests. Third - apply lessons learned in my short story writing to strengthen my novel writing/process (working title of current novel, Dark Stardust). Fourth - write at least two more novels and then start the next phase of perusing publication. Fifth - never be disappointed, the process is the prize.

So since I am still in the first phase of  my plan, I looked at my short story again the other day and did yet another draft/revision. It's amazing how you can see so many things to improve upon after letting a piece rest out of sight for a while. I submitted it originally to the Writer's Digest Fiction Contest, and just yesterday to the Good Housekeeping Fiction Contest.

The Writer's Digest one cost $25 stinking bucks that I am guessing I will never see again, but I have to credit that contest with lighting the fire under my butt and forcing me to write my first solid short story. The Good Housekeeping one was FREE! So I encourage all my writing pals to give it a go: Click this link for the Good Housekeeping contest!

Good luck my dears!!!


  1. I did a RWA contest with one of the local chapters and got great critiques. Totally worth the $25. Then again I did the RWA Golden Heart and got some random score numbers that told me nothing. Not worth the $50. Neither contest had the potential to get me published in any form, but they did get my work in front of other writers.
    Good luck.

  2. I like the free contests best! I agree with you though, Erin - at least they put our writing out into the world instead of just inside our heads. Thanks for the comment!