Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memory Lane - You Know you are Old School San Marcos When...

We had an airport in SM?

Over the past week, viral nostalgia has taken over my Facebook page. One of my old high school classmates signed me up for a group called You Know You are Old School San Marcos When...(fill in the blank). So without knowing it, I started to get at least one hundred emails a day from fellow "Old School" San Marcians (?) trying to one-up each other with their memories of days gone by in the town where I grew up and still live today.

At first it was addictive - lot's of "Oh yeah, I remember that!" as memories long past rose to the top again. Then it became redundant as people posted things someone else already remembered (yeah, we already covered that the dairy used to have cows...). And then it became almost annoying with memory tid-bits of stuff like this: You remember Joe Schmoe driving his blablabla down the street. Really?

Well, I took myself off the auto emails, but now and again, pop onto that page for a look. The feeling of community, of a group that I really do belong to since I am a life long San Marcian (going with it) feels pretty warm and fuzzy. I never knew I liked this place so much or had so many invisible kindred town spirits.

Lots of other groups like this have sprouted up on FB, so if you are interested, look up your old hometown and see if a group exists and enjoy the ride to the past.


  1. Really: an airport?
    I must tell my son-in-law Brian about this, and see what he remembers.
    When we were deciding where to buy a house (while living in an apt in Escondido), we chose San Marcos because it felt like 'country'. I suppose 25 years ago, it was more rural. Sure has changed!

  2. What a cool idea. I think I'll do it. Love, A