Friday, August 5, 2011

Writing and Road Trips...

Writing is a fickle friend...and not really someone you wan't to take with you on a family road trip.
On the Road...literally. This is a freeway onramp in Utah. Not too busy, obviously. 

Recently I went on a great road trip with my parents, kids and younger brother (sweet husband had to work), and of course I brought my handy-dandy notebook (is that a trademarked line? probably) with the thought of lots of possible writing time in the more than forty hours planned riding in the car throughout the trip.

So this should be no shock, but I wrote nothing. Squat. Nada. Thinking that I may have down time to let the words flow, the opposite happened and I ended up in a battle of Pocket Frogs on the IPhone with my fifteen year old bro. We bred some rad frogs, but somehow I feel like that time could've been used a little more wisely in the writing department.

Awww, yeah!

With the wide expansive desert around and the endless freeways ahead, the words inside just turned up their noses at me and said in their best Garbo impression, "Vee are on vacation too! Leave us ALONE" and threw up their graceful right hand to shoo me away. Maybe the proximity of the other six people in the car, maybe my two year old complaining about his loose earphones every three to five minutes, maybe the allure of gambling fake coins on breeding awesome fake frogs on an iPhone just wasn't a fertile mix for writing.

A Huck Finn moment in the river
Solitude, of course, is the environment for me in a perfect writing world...why did I think a family road trip would be anything like that? Well, truth be told, I kinda figured things would work out this way - I didn't really expect any brill writing to come out of me during those ten days, but hope springs eternal. I'll keep dragging along my notebooks just in case!

In fully experiencing the time on the road, at our destinations and with my family, I think those moments will flavor my writing in the future.

And look at that, I've already found writing inspiration from our trip for this blog ;).


  1. Long stretches of road, complaining children, sobbing mother--who hasn't been there!? Oh, forget the sobbing mother part. that would be me, after an 8hr. road trip with my husband. Glad you had some time with your family.

  2. LOL Susan - what does your husband do to you? I've gotta know now :) Thanks for the comment

  3. I love it. I did that in college all the time--I'd bring my homework to Thanksgiving and other getaways, and I'd get home on the evening before school would start with not one page read or paper written. Finally, in grad school, I gave it up and let myself have a vacation. I like what you say about your words needing a vacation too.

  4. Linds, That happens to me all the time. Though I can report that I lugged my notebook all over Europe and write in it 3 whole times! Yea!! Loved the pic by the way of you guys on the onramp!